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The Louis Qualheim (Lars Kvalheim) Family

Written and Illustrated by Mike Everhart; Copyright © 1999-2014

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Oversatt av Helge Aspevik - 1999

Author's Note: This genealogy is unfinished......no genealogy is ever completely finished. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but I'm sure that I have left out some things and made more than a few errors in the compiling of this information. If you see an error, or would like to add your recollections to this story, please contact me by Email:

If that is not convenient, my home address: 1006 Morrison Court, Derby, Kansas 67037-1939. My telephone is 316-788-1354.

kvalheim.jpg (56553 bytes) The village of Kvalheim, on the west coast of Vågsøy, an island in southwestern Norway facing the North Sea. I believe the Kvalheim ancestral home is located near the center of the picture. Photo by Jan Kvalheim, 1995.

A website featuring Kvalheim is here.

A Google map of the island (Vågsøy) where Kvalheim is locate is HERE

There was even a brief battle (raid) fought on the island between British and Norwegian forces and the Germans during World War II (Operation Archery)

Kvalheima.jpg (39589 bytes) LEFT: This is picture scanned from a Christmas card sent by a member of the Qualheim family after a visit to the family home in Norway.

Some Words about Kvalheim

(Translated by Harald Vagene from a letter from Jan Kvalheim, January, 1996. Jan is the grandson of Johan Kvalheim, the brother of Lars Kvalheim, who in 1895 immigrated to America and changed his name to Louis Qualheim. The town/family name Kvalheim means "Whale Home" in Norwegian)

"Kvalheim is a little village quite close to the North Sea. The weather here changes very often. One day it is blowing a rough storm and the next day the sun is shining. The temperature in the summer is between 15-30 degrees C, usually about 15 (about 60 degrees F). In the winter, it usually between +10 to -10 degrees C, seldom lower. Usually there is not much snow, 10-80 cm (4 to 30 inches) in December to March. However, we do have plenty of fresh air!

The village has 43 houses, a grade school, a little Bethel (Church?) and a harbor for smaller private boats. About 130 persons live here and we have a choir of 28 singers, and a school corps (band) with 30 musicians. Ten families live from farming and there is some (commercial) fishing, including salmon. Twenty families have the farm as a hobby, or as an additional income to their usual job.

Maloy is the nearest small town for those of us living in Kvalheim, and the people from here usually work there. It is about 10 kilometers or 6 miles from Kvalheim. In Maloy, there are large fishery companies, exporting to lots of places. There are three shipyards and some smaller companies also. We have little unemployment here.

Here there is a lot of very good fishing places, and everyone here has a little fishing boat (4-6 meters….about 16 feet). We fish by ourselves (alone) and eat all kinds of fish, mostly cods, some salmons, crabs and lobsters.

This is a brief information about Kvalheim for you (Mike Everhart, grandson of Albert and Ruth Qualheim). My mother, Anna died in 1988, my father, Oskar is 93 years. He is living in the home for the aged in Maloy. He is still sharp in his head, but has some problems with his health.

Best Greetings, (signed) Jan Kvalheim."


The ancestrial family home of the Qualheim family is on the southwest coast of Norway. Norwegian relatives of the family still live in the home in the village of Kvalheim. The Qualheim name is derived from the name of their town. The following information was contained in a letter from the State Register in Bergen, Norway to Mrs. Neil Tangen (Jean Qualheim). The letter was dated November 25, 1969 and gave the names of Louis Qualheim's (Lars Kvalheim) parents and grandparents, as well as the date of birth and baptism for Louis and his parents. A copy of the letter is available for review.

Abraham Josephsen was born on October 20, 1848 and baptized October 22 in Kvalheim, Norway. His parents were Joseph Simonsen and Lisebet Rasmusdt, of Qvalem. He married Pernille Monsdotter Reinen on May 29, 1871. Pernille was born on January 13, 1845, and baptized January 19. Her parents were Mons Bergesen and Gidske Pedersdotter Reinen.

Louis Qualheim (Lars A. Kvalheim) was a son of Abraham Josephsen and Pernille Monsdt and was born on June 24, 1874, in the small village of Kvalheim, Norway. He was baptized on July 26 of that year.

At the age of 20 and 9 months, he immigrated to the United States through Quebec, Canada, aboard the S.S. Laurentian. The ship left Liverpool, England on April 25, 1895 and arrived on May 6. The ship's list or manifest indicates that Lars was going to meet "a friend" (A.F. Kvalheim) in DeForest, Wisconsin (north of Madison). His last residence was listed as Nordfiord, Norway. Records indicate that he crossed the border into the U.S. on the same day at St, Albans, Vermont.Louis settled in Chippewa County, Wisconsin where he worked as a laborer in a lumber yard, and there he married Carrie Quammen on December 25, 1898.


Several members of the Qualheim family have traveled to Norway in the search for family ties. In 1985, a letter from the Kvalheim family in Norway was received by Patrick Qualheim. When translated, it read:

"We read in Tjordenes paper that you are trying to find your relatives at Kvalheim. We know that Lars Kvalheim was a brother to my Grandfather, John Kvalheim. My father, Oscar Kvalheim is a son of John Kvalheim. I am a son of Oscar Kvalheim and we live at Inner Kvalheim in the house where Lars Kvalheim was born. I will try to send a complete list of your relatives a little later. I'm sending my picture that shows a little of the area at Kvalheim. It is a little across from the house we live in. If you want to visit, you are heartily welcome. Friendly greetings, Jan Kvalheim" The picture shows a rocky sea coast and many small houses.

In 1995, Jan Kvalheim was still living in the ancestrial home in Kvalheim. He is the son of Oskar Kvalheim and the grandson of Johan Kvalheim, a brother of Lars Kvalheim who stayed in Norway.

paper01a.jpg (2947 bytes) In order for Lars (Louis) to immigrate to America, he had to get the permission of his church to leave Norway. The following letter was translated from the original Norwegian by a Norwegian exchange student (Wenchi Floden) at Derby, Kansas, in 1993:
"According to the church register for Selje parish, this is to certify that Lars Kvalheim, of parents Abraham Josephsen and Pernille Monsdt, is born in Kvalheim, June 24, 1874, baptized July 26, the same year and confirmed in Vaagro Church, October 13, 1889 with certificate of "fairly good" knowledge about Christianity. He was allowed to go to the Lord's Communion last time October 28 last year. He is not married. He is now no longer a member of this parish, stating that he will emigrate to America. The Lord's grace and blessings be with him.

Paid with Saaje parish, April 13, 1895

1.07 Kroner Signed....L. Thomme

Signed...L. Thomme OFFICIAL SEAL"

Louis Qualheim had a younger brother named Ingebert Kvalheim who was born on February 2, 1879 and immigrated to America through New York City on March 20, 1898. He married a Swedish woman and lived briefly in Gilman, Wisconsin before settling in Muskegon, Michigan. They had a daughter, Karin, who married Vernard Roe. Karen and Vernard had no children and eventually moved to Florida. Ingebert died on June 27, 1957, of mycosis of the lungs.

In September of 1900, Louis Qualheim bought 80 acres of land from E.L. and Nettie S. Williams for $640. The land was described as the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 4, Township 28 North, Range 4 West, Clark County, Wisconsin. A receipt dated January 26, 1917, showed that he had paid $41.13 in taxes on the land and his personal property.

Louis Qualheim was a dairy farmer and was known for the quality and quantity of the milk produced by his dairy herd. In 1924, he led the Stanley-Cadott Testing Association with the high cow and high herd averages for milk and butterfat. Of 17 high cows listed for the year, six of them came from of his small herd of 13 Holstein cows. His cattle produced an average of 11,317 pounds of milk and 400 pounds of butterfat that year, compared with 6,809 pounds of milk and 353 pounds of butterfat for the next high herd. He was a member of The Holstein-Friesian Association of America in 1925 and was on the National Honor Roll for the National Dairy Association, for the fourth time, in 1930.

Louis and Carrie had six children; Lillian, Albert, Inga, Imbert, Gena and John. Carrie died in 1933 and Louis died March 6, 1960.

Lillian Celena was born June 23, 1899 in Stanley, Wisconsin. She worked as a clerk in a dry goods store in Minneapolis, Minnesota and died on October 26, 1977.

Inga Pernilda Qualheim was born on August 10, 1902 at Stanley. On June 19, 1953, she married Arthur Newgard (born July 4, 1908, New Richland, Minnesota) and worked as a bookkeeper in the offices of the Swedish Hospital of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They had no children but Art did have one child, Karen Rae (born 1942), by his first marriage. Karen died in July, 1989, at the age of 47. Arthur died in 1995.

Imbert Theodore Qualheim was born on October 14, 1906 at the Qualheim home in the town of Worden near Stanley, Wisconsin. He was a dairy farmer and woodsman, cutting trees for firewood and lumber, and spent his entire life on the family farm. He married Ruth Elsie Long (born January 23, 1908, Huron, Wisconsin) on August 5, 1933 in Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Stanley, Wisconsin, and they were the parents of: Gordon Theodore, born December 2, 1935 and Wayne Louis, born March 20, 1939. Imbert died on July 26, 1992 at his home and was buried in the Eastside Cemetery, Stanley, Wisconsin.

Gena (Jean) Nevilda Qualheim was born on January 1, 1911 at the family home. She was a registered nurse and worked at the Abbot Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On June 4, 1938, she married Neil M. Tangen (September 3, 1909 to April 19, 1991) in Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Stanley, Wisconsin, and they were the parents of; Karen Martha, born February 14, 1941, and Neil Michael, born February 2, 1946. Neil Sr. was a Captain in the U.S. Army during World War II and served in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. Gena died in December of 1983. John Lawrence (Jack) Qualheim was born on October 14, 1913 at the family home. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II in Europe as an ordinance specialist. After the war, he married Viola Rohlfs (born April 6, 1921, Ogden, Iowa) on May 4, 1947 in Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They had two children; John Bruce, born October 21, 1950 and Jean Ann, born January 22, 1955.

Albert Gustav Qualheim was the second of the six children of Louis and Carrie. He was born on August 31, 1900 in Stanley, Wisconsin and grew up on the family farm. Albert married Ruth Lucille Edwardson on December 28, 1922 and farmed near the town of Worden until moving to the Sheldon area in 1935. At some point, Albert had worked making Christmas candy for a company in Kansas City.

al-rutha.jpg (1996 bytes) Albert and Ruth Qualheim on their wedding day, December 28, 1922

According to Betty Lou Qualheim, Albert was an electrician and had wired most of the farms around Jump River during the 1930s. He was a skilled mechanic who had the reputation of being able to do about anything with machinery. After the Depression ended and the WPA closed down, he acquired some heavy equipment from the government and did land clearing for other farmers in the area. Sometimes his dairy farm was secondary to his work away from the farm.

Albert Qualheim was 23 years old when Betty was born in October, 1923, and her mother, Ruth, just turned 21. Albert and Ruth had been married less than a year. At the time, Ruth was a school teacher and Albert had worked for some time in a lumber mill. Ruth quit teaching to raise her family. In the 1930 Census they are living on a farm in Clark County (Worden Township), Wisconsin with Betty (6), Bobbie (4) and Richard (1).  

log-cama.jpg (3624 bytes) The logging camp where Albert Qualheim once worked.

In 1935, Albert Qualheim moved his family to a farm located between Jump River and Sheldon, (McKinley Township, Taylor County) Wisconsin. The land was mostly second growth forest at the time and the fields had thousands of stones left by the glaciers that once covered the land. These stones were piled in the corners of the fields and were put to use in building the basement (cellar) of the house and walls of the dairy barn. The property had been settled once before and the remains of the old house and barn were located on the west side of the property. There was a spring fed creek that divided the farm and one side of the property ran along Jump River.

The 1940 Census of Wisconsin shows the family with their first 5 children: Betty (16), Robert (14), Richard (11), Gerald (7) and Beverly(5).

babybeta.jpg (1856 bytes) Albert and Ruth's first child, Betty Qualheim.....age one year? Betty Lou Qualheim (my mother) was born on October 18, 1923 in Stanley, Wisconsin and is the oldest of the six children of Albert Gustav Qualheim and Ruth Lucille Edwardson. She had four brothers; Robert Edward (Bob), Richard Louis (Dick), Gerald Lavern (Jerry) and William David (Bill), and a sister, Beverly Ann.
qualkida.jpg (2446 bytes) Betty, Bob and Richard Qualheim, first three children of Albert and Ruth Qualheim.
betty'4a.jpg (1610 bytes) Betty Qualheim's Graduation picture, Hannibal High School, Gilman, Wisconsin; 1941.

After Betty graduated from Hannibal High School in Gilman, Wisconsin, she worked briefly for the Kimberly Clark Paper Company before joining the Marines in October, 1943. She was a Corporal when she met Gunnery Sergeant Jack M. Everhart at the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station near New Bern, North Carolina. Cherry Point is in the Croatan National Forest on the east coast of North Carolina and is 40 miles from the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. She married Jack Everhart on September 28, 1945, and was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in November, 1945.

Jack and Betty Everhart had five children; Click here for an excerpt on their Family  Michael J. (born July 8, 1946), David L. (born December 26, 1948), Steven R. (born August 22, 1953), and twins, Sherri Ruth and Jerry Mark (born October 15, 1958).

Betty Lou Everhart died in her home of cancer at 5:45 PM on October 15, 1994. Her husband, Jack, and oldest son, Mike, were with her at the time of her death. She was buried in the Waco Cemetery, Sedgwick County, Kansas, on her 71st birthday (October 18, 1994).

Robert Edward Qualheim was born on July 10, 1925. He enlisted in the Marine Corps during World War II and was disabled by shell shock during the invasion of Okinawa. He died March 6, 1997.

Richard Louis Qualheim was born on April 9, 1929 in Stanley, Wisconsin and married Betty Jane Brown (born July 15, 1930, Cornell, Wisconsin) on October 6, 1949 in Los Cruces, New Mexico. He had joined the Army on August 31, 1948, and served with the 11th Airborne, and the 187th RCT in Korea. He was honorably discharged on July 20, 1952.

Dick and Betty Qualheim had four children;

1) Penny Lynn (born December 24, 1950. Married first to Steven Brimmer, 1968, in Eau Claire, WI., divorced, one child, Christopher John Brimmer Miller, born April 4, 1969 (adopted by John Miller in 1973). Christopher is married to Tammy Nelson and they have a son, Aaron Christopher, born December 18, 1990. Penny married second to John A. Miller, September, 1972, Eau Claire, WI., divorced March, 1982, two children, Nicole Ann Miller (b. August 6, 1974) and Stephanie Lynn Miller (b. September 5, 1976). Married third to Michael Wiles, August 13, 1983. Married fourth to Mark Johnson, of Apple Valley, Minnesota);

2) Deborah Kay, (born July 4, 1953), married Chris Chickering, of Austin, Minnesota. Chris was born December 23, 1948, to Frank Chickering and Doris Johnson. They have three children; Mindy Jo Chickering, born December 24, 1974, Shannon Marie Chickering, born October 8, 1977, and Melony Kay Chickering, born March 9, 1979;

3) Judith Ann (born January 5, 1957, in West Bend, WI. married Benny Leon Hays, October 9, 1976, in Eau Claire, WI. Benny was born October 3, 1956, in Eau Claire, to Lester Hays and Pearl Garnett. Judith and Benny have three children; Liza Jane, born March 12, 1978; Jesse Benjamin, born September 11, 1983; and Travis James, born August 24, 1986. They are living in Altoona, Wisconsin.

4) Richard Alan (born August 24, 1960), married Mary Ann Hanson, October 27, 1979 in Eau Claire, WI. Mary Ann was born August 26, 1959, in Eau Claire, WI., to Alvin Hanson and Ann Statz. Richard and Mary Ann have two children; Nicolas Alan, born February 6, 1988, and Erica Theresa, born August 1, 1991. They are living in Minnesota.

Richard Qualheim retired on July 1, 1986 after 34 years with the Wisconsin Bell Telephone Company where he had been the central office foreman. He has been active in the VFW organization and has served as Junior Vice Commander. Betty had worked as a chiropractic assistant before her retirement.

Gerald LaVerne Qualheim was born on December 2, 1931. He married June Ann Brassard on October 22, 1955, in Gilman, Wisconsin. June Ann was born on June 22, 1937, in Jump River, Wisconsin. They have eight children:

1) Kathleen Marie (b. August 22, 1956), married Luis Trevino Lozano on June 30, 1978. Luis was born January 3, 1955, in Monterrey, Mexico, to Fernando and Francesca Lozano. Kathleen and Luis had two children (Stefanie Ann, b. November 2, 1984 and Elizabeth Marie, b. June 15, 1986), and are now divorced. Kathleen is a medical doctor and is practicing in Madison, WI. Kathy is remarried to Rick Rustad and they reside in Shawano, Wisconsin.

2) Michael Gerald (born August 22, 1956, in Chippewa Falls, WI., married Beverly Johnson, August 31, 1979. Beverly was born July 23, 1958, in London, Ontario, Canada, to Herbert Johnson and Elizabeth Magee. They live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and have five children (Shaun David, b. November 20, 1980, Christopher James, born January 23, 1983, Timothy Michael, b. October 19, 1986, Patricia Lynn, b. September 13, 1990, and Katherine Marie, b. October 28, 1994.)

3) Patrick Jay, born June 11, 1959, in Madrid, WI, lives in Shawano, WI.;

4) Willis Albert, born October 17, 1960, Medford, WI., married to Ann E. Koukari, September 18, 1982, in Clintonville, WI. Anne was born August 17, 1961, and is the daughter of Raymond Koukari Sr. and Audrey A. Malueg. Willis was divorced from Ann and remarried to Elona Case, September 11, 1988. They have two children: Karissa, born Easter Sunday, 1991, and Casey Rochell, born December, 1994.

5) Timothy Arthur, born June 27, 1962, Chippewa Falls, WI. Tim married Marueen (?) in 1991 and they now live in Sarasota, Florida. They have no children.

6) Theresa Louise, born May 25, 1964, Merrill, WI. Theresa and Pete Moesch had a son, Kendall, on November 23, 1992. Pete and Theresa were divorced in August of 1997, and Kendall lives with Theresa in Shawano, Wisconsin.

7) Lisa Ann, born September 8, 1965, in Merrill, WI. Lisa married Kevin Wellington in January, 1991. They live in Madison, Wisconsin and have three living children; twin girls, Theresa and Samantha, born June, 1990. A son, Jacob Kevin, was born on December 18, 1992, and died on December 21, 1992. Selena was born in 1996.

8) Karen Ann, born October 5, 1965, Merrill, WI.

Beverly Ann Qualheim was born on July 27, 1933 and married Dan Krizan. They have a dairy farm outside of Sheldon, Wisconsin, and have three children; Dale, Lori and Scott. Beverly taught school for many years.

qualbara.jpg (2389 bytes) The dairy barn on the Albert Qualheim farm near Jump River, Wisconsin, 1974

William David Qualheim was born to Ruth and Albert on September 2, 1947, a year after their first grandson, Mike Everhart, was born. Bill developed diabetes early in his life. The disease got progressively worse and he died at the age of 31 on March 1, 1979. He was survived by his wife and two children, Brian and Tammy.

alberta.jpg (1602 bytes) Albert Gustav Qualheim; 1900-1975:   Albert Qualheim died on December 13, 1975 (age 75) at Luther Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, of emphysema and mycosis of the lungs caused in part by the exposure to dust and mold from the hay on his dairy farm. He was buried in the Mount Nebo Cemetery at Jump River. Ruth Qualheim died on October 23, 1986 and is buried in the Mount Nebo Cemetery with her husband, Albert.


The Quammen family, ancestors of Carrie Quammen, mother of Albert Qualheim has a well documented history back to the 1600's in Norway. The following information was gathered directly from the records of the Lutheran Church in Norway and is assumed to be essentially correct. A copy of a handwritten (in Norwegian) genealogy of the family was obtained from Wayne Qualheim, son of Imbert Qualheim, in 1993. He indicated that it was Lawrence Thompson, husband of Thelma Nerdrum (daughter of Julia Quammen Nerdrum) who had actually visited Norway and obtained the information. The Norwegian names and lineage's of Carrie Quammen's ancestors are in a somewhat different format than what we are used to dealing with in the United States. To add to the confusion, most of the Norwegian names were "Americanized" when the families immigrated to the United States.

Gisle Torsteinson was born in Norway about 1678 and died in 1741. He married Abe Torbjonnsdotter (1683-1739) and they had seven children: Torstein (died 1741, married to Svanoug Svensdotter Landsverk, 1705-1739), Torbjonn, (born 1709, died 1742, married Bergit Lavrantsdotter Dyrland), Egil (married Ingebjorg Olavsdotter Dyrland), Anund, Knut (married Gro Olavsdotter Sudgarden-Langlem), Talleiv (1712-1768) and Aslaug, (born 1714, died 1788, married Sveinung Olavson Dyrland, 1718-1795).

Talleiv Gisleson Hubbarskvammen married Romoug Olavsdotter Sudgarden and they had five children; Ase (married Bjonn Egilson Dyrland), Turid (married Olav Augustineiusson Mork), Aslaug (born 1755, died 1837, married Torbjonn Sveinungson Dyrland, 1760-18__), Gisle and Ingebjorg.

Gisle Talleivson Salid Hubbarskvammen was born in 1758 and died in 1836. He married Torbjorg Gunnarsdotter Salid and they had four children; Talleiv, Ingeborg (first married to Knut Kjetilson Garvik, and then in 1836 to Halvof Olavson Rostant), Margit (married Petar Rolleivson) and Gunnar.

Talleiv Gisleson Habbarskvammen married Kjersti Olavsdotter Breidalen (Manndal) about 1820 and they were the parents of four children: Gisle, Tarbjonn, Olav and Gunnar.

Gisle Talleivson Habberskvammen, who died in 1876, married Kjersti Talleivsdotter Heidstad (1816-1882) in 1846. They were the parents of seven children; Kjersti (died young?), Talleiv, Kjersti, Aslaug, Kari, Torbjorg and Olav. Kjesti married Torstein Halvorson Smadolane and they had three children; Halvor, who married Ingebjorg Eivindsdotter (two children, Olav and Kjersti), Kjersti, and Gisle. Kari married Olav Nilson Nystoul and had three children; Nils, Gisle and Olav. Torbjorg (1856-1947) married Arne Hanssen Aanrud (1843-1925) and they had one child; Hans Gustav, (b.1896), who married Margit Anderson (b. 1900) and had 2 children, Arne Egil (b.1920) and Roald Bjorn (b.1928).

Talleiv Gisleson Habberskvammen (Tollef Quammen) was born in Norway in 1849. He married Gro Guttormsdotter Dalen in Norway on May 21, 1871, and they came to America in May of 1879. They homesteaded a farm in 1880 in the town of Worden. Worden is located three miles south of Longbranch, midway between Thorp and Stanley, in Clark County. The Quammen's had eight children; Gisle (died young), Kari (1874-1933, married Louis Qualheim), Gisle (Jisti, 1876-1964), Guttorm (1878-1926), Tilda (1881-1958), Emma (1883-1957), Julia (1886-1968, married Alfred Nerdrum), Marie (Mary, 1890-1954, married Carl Fredrickson) Tollef Quammen died in 1929.

Gro Guttormsdotter Dalen was the daughter of Guttorm Olavson, who died in 1885, and a granddaughter of Olav Sigvaldson. Her mother was Kari Egilsdotter. Guttorm and Kari were married in 1836 and had nine children: Gunhild (born 1842, died ca. 1910), Bergit (born 1844, died 1918), Gro Guttormsdotter (born ca. 1847, died 1929), Anne (born 1850, died 1893), Margit, Ase, Egil, Olav, and Kari (born 1862, died 1891). 

Carrie (Kari) Quammen was born on April 25, 1874 near Flatdal, Telemark Province, Norway (west of Oslo) to Tollef and Gro Quammen. She came to America with her family in May, 1879 at the age of five. She was 24 when she married Lars Kvalheim (Louis Qualheim) on December 25, 1898, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

quamen1a.jpg (2280 bytes) Gro (1847-1929) and Tollef Quammen (1849-1929).  Their children were Carrie (b. 1874), George (b. 1879), Emma (b. 1883), Julia (b. 1886) and Mary (b. 1890). In the 1900 Census, they were living in Worden Township, Clark County, Wisconsin.

The lineage of Tollef Quammen's mother, Kjersti Talleivsdotter Heidstad, is as follows:

Tor Midboen was born in 1563 and died in 1603. His son, Lavrants Torson Midboen died in 1614 and married Targer Aslasksdotter. They had three children; Tov, Tor and Aslak.

Aslak Lavrantson Midboen married Kari Gudmundsdotter (died 1669) and they had two children; Lavrants (1628-1675) and Alsak (1637-1689).

Aslak Aslakson Kvalset married Helge Sundresdotter Kvalsgard in 1669 and they were the parents of Lavrants (died 1717), Sunare (born 1675), and Kari (born 1678). Alsak was married second to Anne Loftsgarden.

Lavrants Alsakson Meas married Guro Sveinsdotter Haugland in 1705 and they were the parents of three children; Aslak (1706-1752), Margit (b.1707), Talleiv (1715-1756) and Aslaug.

Aslak Lavrantson Meas married Margit Salvesdotter Tveiten and they were the parents of five children; Lavrants (1744-1830), Salve, Gjermund, Alsak, and Guro (born 1743?). Salve Aslakson-ryddet Halden married Kari Jonsdotter Rui in 1775 and they were the parents of seven children; Heige (Jente), Lavrants, Guro, Aslak, Talleiv (1791-1855), Jon and Margit.

Talleiv Salveson - ryddet Heistad first married Aslaug Olavsdotter Rui (1784-1837) and then Aslaug Jorundsdotter Gjelstad (born 1797). To the first marriage was born; Kjersti (1816-1882), Kari (b. 1818, married Alsak Lavrantson Halden), Alet (b. 1821, married Joren Torgeirson Vestigard Asheim, and Salve (1823-1886, married Alet Gunleiksdotter. As indicated earlier, Kjersti Talleivsdotter Heidstad married Gisle Talleivson Habberskvammen and was the mother of Tollef Quammen.


Ruth Lucille Edwardson (August 21, 1902 to October 23, 1986) was the daughter of Adolph Edwardson and Amanda Sorenson. She was a teacher before marrying Albert. She had a brother, Carl Alvin, who may have been murdered during Prohibition (he and his wife, Olive, had two children: Leroy and Sylvia) but the circumstances were not talked about in the family. Ruth also had three sisters, Myrtle, Elvilda and Elinor.

Adolf Edwardson was the son of Christian Edwardson and Maren Hansen.   He was probably born in Skyerdalen Hole, Norway on September 25, 1872. He married Amanda Caroline Sorenson in 1896 in Menomenie, Wisconsin and was a farmer and craftsman. He died on March 4, 1962 at the age of 89.

edwardsa.jpg (3133 bytes) Adolph and Amanda Edwardson; August, 1961 at their 65th wedding anniversay:  Amanda Sorenson was born on May 29, 1879 in Prestegjeld, Norway, and was the daughter of Andrew Sorenson and Karen Slape. Her family apparently lived in or near Elk Mound, Wisconsin (seven miles north west of Eau Claire, in Dunn County). Her father, Andrew Sorenson was been born in Norway about 1833.

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